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Allegany Optical Hagerstown suggests that lenses may require more consistent treatment appointments.

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Allegany Optical Hagerstown lets patients know that contact lenses can minimize distortion .

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Allegany Optical Hagerstown offers patients a list of pros and cons on contact lenses to help them make the best final decision possible.

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Patients trust Allegany Optical Hagerstown fto help them make informed decisions about their eye care.

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Allegany Optical Hagerstown has earned a reputation for quality, professional eye care services and a customized patient approach.

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Allegany Optical Hagerstown has been working with patients for over 40 years to help treat and prevent vision impairments. Due to their extensive experience in customer care, the team of professional and reputable optometrists at Allegany Optical Hagerstown recognizes that making a final decision between glasses and contact lenses can prove both challenging and overwhelming. Allegany Optical Hagerstown knows firsthand that, while many patients that have never worn lenses before may feel excited to try them, they may also feel reluctant to make the financial investment without knowing all the pros and cons of contact lenses first.

In order to help their patients make an informed and confident choice, Allegany Optical Hagerstown has created a list of benefits and detracting factors associated with a contact lens purchase.


  • Increases peripheral vision spectrum
  • Complements an active lifestyle easily
  • Could minimize distortion sometimes experienced by glasses wearers
  • Ideal for patients that don’t like look and feel of wearing glasses
  • Cons:

  • Inserting and removing contacts can prove challenging at first
  • Lenses require a daily cleaning regimen
  • Contacts can increase chance of dry eye condition
  • More consistent eye appointments are required to gauge vision condition
  • Allegany Optical Hagerstown has earned a reputation for quality care and services in eye care. Stop in to Allegany Optical Hagerstown anytime to hear more about eye care solutions specific to your current vision situation.

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